Moving to Composites

More and more companies are interested in moving to composites. Learn about the potential of the composite materials market.

What are composites?

Composites are created by artificially combining different materials. A composite material consists of at least two different components, the matrix and a reinforcing component.

A characteristic of composites is that the components remain separated. The resulting composite material has mechanical properties that are different from those of any one component.

This makes it possible to tailor the properties of a composite material by choosing the right components to perfectly adapt it to a specific application.

Moving to Composites

Why move to composites?

To compete in the ever-evolving market, industrial companies need to adapt or diversify their production to meet new demands. Current concerns linked to climate change are leading our society to modify its behavior and favour sustainable and innovative products and equipment.

The use of composite materials is one way to meet this new challenge, and represents a promising business opportunity, especially for SMEs.

The advantages of replacing traditional materials with composites include:

  • better performance
  • lighter weight
  • lower energy consumption
  • fewer greenhouse gas emissions


The potential scope of application is very large and includes the aeronautic, automotive, construction, electronic, shipbuilding, and energy industries, among others.

Composite wind turbine blade


Making the move to composites

The field of composite materials offers many opportunities for companies. However, it is more difficult to introduce innovation into production processes or products in SMEs than in large firms. SMEs often face a lack of expertise or find it difficult to find the right technological partners to develop the products and manufacturing processes.

The +Composites project aimed to help make the move to composites possible for SMEs through comprehensive support and assistance.










Hiendl MP system range from H. Hiendl GmbH & Co. KG.,
Photo by SBR/INM.








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